The Office


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Although our workshop floor is where all our furniture making skill and experience comes to fruition, our compact office is the beating heart of our business. We have some exciting changes happening around here at Mark Williamson Furniture, so we have been sprucing up our office space to more comfortably and efficiently meet the challenges and hard work of the coming months and years. Best thing about ‘The Office’ is its elevated eagle eye view of what’s happening the workshop floor – so that means no slacking there please Alfie (workshop hound…)!

Do you want similar bespoke furniture designing making for your home? Do contact us at Mark Williamson Furniture if you are considering having any kind of bespoke furniture designed and built for your home. We specialise in bespoke kitchens, and can design and make any style of kitchen that can be imagined.

Telephone: Office: 01296 658 660 | Mobile: 0775 4409203, or please feel free to email us via the contact page here.

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