Idea – or perhaps no idea? We can help.

The process of commissioning a piece of furniture from us, whether the end result be a complete bespoke kitchen, or a freestanding piece of bedroom furniture, usually starts in the same way – with an idea.

Of course, you may have just a very vague idea of what you are looking for, or how something could be integrated into your home, but you don’t know where to start – that’s where we can help. With my knowledge and experience in materials, fixtures and fittings, I have the ability to recognise what is possible to fully exploit a space, wherever that may be within your home. I can work with you to design and make – from scratch – furniture that is not only beautiful to the eye and to the touch, but also fulfils your vision that often starts from that vague grain of an idea. We can advise on and help you choose which type of materials would suit your project best. That might be the type of wood you prefer – light or dark, a natural finish or a painted finish, a more textured feel to the hand, or a smoother result. You might prefer a high gloss sheen, a matt finish, or anything in between – all this can be discussed with us.

If on the other hand you do already have a definite idea, a rough sketch on a piece of paper, or a set of architect’s drawings for what you desire, all the better. We’re happy to work with you on projects that need further development, or that are ready to go from the off.

The process

– First thing, please get in touch with me with your idea or enquiry.
– I would then come to your house for a meeting to see the space and discuss what the needs of the clients are.
– I would then supply a quote and a set of drawings. I would also provide a schedule of proposed start and finish dates.
Priority is always given to a client that confirms the job first with a deposit.
– The next stage once a job is confirmed is for me to visit for a site survey, if required, and full technical plans are drawn up.
– Work begins in our workshop on the actual construction of the furniture.
– Clients are welcome to the workshop by prior appointment to view the works on their furniture in progress.
– Final stage, delivery and fitting, if necessary.


After meeting to discuss, I draw elevation drawings or a sketch with notes, colour and design details for approval. This can be tweaked, redesigned or changed until such a point that the client is satisfied and happy to sign off the drawings, after which your furniture goes into production.

Fitting and installation

The amount of time required for the fitting or installation of our work depends entirely on its size and complexity. A freestanding wardrobe may take just a day, or two. A complete kitchen can take up to four weeks to complete depending on worktop choices, and its actual size. Our attention to detail at the fitting stage means that your new furniture will always sit seamlessly to walls, floors, ceilings, and of course always perfectly level to the floor – this is called ‘scribing in’ to the contours of the surrounding room.