Arts and Crafts house floating shelves – now with books!

bespoke shelves Gerrards Crossbespoke shelves Gerrards Crossbespoke shelves Gerrards Crossbespoke shelves Gerrards Cross

Last year we installed some simple and elegant floating shelves for clients that live in a wonderful Arts and Crafts house in the Gerrads Cross area. We posted about the shelves on our blog back then and you can read more about them here.

The thing is, usually when we finish installing our shelves, or whatever furniture it may be into a house, it sits there empty, or unfilled, or unsued until our clients then fill and utilise the work we have done. That means most of the photos we take of shelving in particular for our archives show empty shelves – not how they are meant to be!

So it was fantastic to have recently returned to the same house for some other work for our clients and be able to see the shelves filled with books, instead of the blank space we left them as last time.

After all, all of our furniture that we design and make, whether it be a whole kitchen or a small wooden box, is meant to be used, touched, and loved – and that makes us as happy as our clients.

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