The furniture we make is of the highest quality and made by our small team of qualified and experienced craftsmen here in Buckinghamshire.

The final costing and price of a commission varies greatly from job to job as it depends on its size;  complexity;  materials;  fixtures and fittings;  location; workshop and fitting time.

Every client has a different budget and different expectations about what can be designed and made for their home within that budget. If you want or expect to pay similar prices to what you might find for off-the-shelf or flat-packed furniture in a high street retail shop, most of which is likely to have been produced in the Far East, we can say at this point that we most likely won’t be able to cater for your needs or budget. And it goes without saying that our furniture will last for decades, and not just a few years.


On most commissions, we take an initial 30% deposit to book the workshop time in the production schedule. Once the design drawings and specifications have been signed off by the client, we request the first stage payment prior to ordering materials. Depending on the size of the job, we may request a second or third stage payment prior to sanding and finishing. The final amount is then invoiced on completion of the job and obviously on the complete satisfaction of the client.

All payment schedules are outlined in the client’s Quotation and an email is sent after every payment to confirm receipt.

Please call us at Mark Williamson Furniture on: Office 01296 706030  or email us here.