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‘Forests for all forever is a catchy phrase’ thought up by the FSC, or the Forest Stewardship Council, but its message is clear – forests and woods are a resource that need managing responsibly, for our children’s sake, and for the sake of the planet. Here at Mark Williamson Furniture, we take this stance seriously, and so it is our environmental policy (as seen here ‘our environmental policy’ to only accept timber from suppliers who are certified by the FSC. We also recycle much of our waste for other uses to reduce any impact we as workers inwood may have on the environment. Read more on the FSC and its work here:

We can design and make a kitchen for your home from scratch, and in any style, using any materials. We can also remodel your current kitchen if need be. Are you looking to commission similar bespoke furniture of any kind designing and making for your home? Do contact us at Mark Williamson Furniture if you are considering having any kind of bespoke furniture designed and built for your home.

Telephone: Office: 01296 658 660 | Mobile: 0775 4409203, or please feel free to email us via the contact page here.


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