New website page – our environmental policy – and briquettes…

Mark Williamson Furniture - our environmental policy

No, these aren’t huge pellets of chicken food, dried bits of horse manure, or even a new type of Bran Flakes (er, Bran Tubes anybody?). They’re actually briquettes made in our workshop from the sawdust that we produce making beautiful furniture. The reason we’re showing you these is that you may have noticed that we’ve just added a new page to our website, and it’s a page that explains our environmental policy. It is important for us, as it is to many of our clients, to think of future generations, and therefore use wood that is sourced from sustainable and managed sources. Have look at the page here to read in more detail.

One good benefit about being environmentally aware is that we have very little waste created by our workshop, and what we do have can be turned into fuel for our home! So, it’s, to use a cliché, a win-win situation all round.

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