Oak living room cabinet – finished and fitted

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Remember the large oak cabinet that we posted about a couple of weeks ago here? After finishing a complete ‘dry build’ in our workshop, we then very carefully took it all apart again, wrapped it all up very carefully, and transported it in sections to the clients’ home. Once unloaded, we then rebuilt it in place, to our precise and exacting standards. This included adding the glass shelves, sorting out the lighting and hanging the client’s favourite artwork which now hangs proudly as the centrepiece of their new furniture. Full specs for this cabinet can be found below.

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Oak living room cabinet

Fully fitted living room cabinet to house painting in centre with frame and panel doored cabinets either side and below, with top cabinets to be set back from lower section
– Constructed in a combination of solid European oak and high quality MDF, veneered by hand with oak veneer for consistent graining all finished in hard-wearing, clear lacquer
– Painting to be housed in the centre of cabinet on a back panel, set slightly forward of the wall, with high quality LED striplight above to provide lighting
– Cabinetry each side of painting to consist of one cabinet with double doors and one with a single, glazed door with adjustable shelving throughout.
– Cabinetry below painting to consist of, from left to right, alternately double and single doored cabinets with one adjustable shelf in each.
– Glazed cabinets to have glass adjustable shelving made in 8mm low iron toughened glass, polished all round with one high quality LED spot light in each
– All shelving to be adjustable and to sit on high quality, chrome shelf pins
– Glazed doors to be glazed with toughened low iron glass 6mm thick
– High quality satin chrome finish handles included
– Doors to sit on butt hinges to match handles
– All doors have magnetic, handmade, leather faced door catches
– Access holes to sockets where necessary
– LED Strip lighting in cornice to project light to ceiling
– All lighting can be switched within cabinet
– Doors constructed with mortice and tenon joints with step shadow detail to panels
– Interior constructed with biscuited and carcass screwed construction
– Cabinet to sit on hardwood plinth frame
– Solid oak plinth and cornice
– Counter top constructed in high quality, hand veneered MDF with solid oak lippings

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