Happy New Year! Happy new plans? Contact us…

Christmas has already been and gone, and we hope you had a restful and enjoyable time. Where did it all go so quickly? Though not quite 2014 yet, our thoughts are already turning to the New Year, and spring, and summer, and sunshine! The weather seems, apart from the odd beautiful day here and there, to have been a procession of storm fronts rolling in from the Atlantic; wind, rain, and more wind. At least it hasn’t been freezing cold, which is also a good thing.

To remind ourselves of summer sun and warmth, we have posted a photo of our shoot at a client’s kitchen that we refurbished, and the day we photographed it, sun was spilling through the windows. It won’t be long until summer swings around again, as time goes so quickly.

With the New Year, most people’s thoughts turn to future plans and projects. If you’ve been thinking of having a new bespoke kitchen, or furniture of any kind made, or you like or are inspired by anything that you have seen on these pages, please contact us to have a chat. We’re already getting busy for 2014, so don’t delay!

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