Beautiful tables hand made in Bucks.

Strong, tactile and full of character!  All is revealed from under the dust on these pippy oak planks below. 

Two ordinary looking pieces of timber are transformed by their own natural textures and tones.

A tree takes decades to grow to full maturity. Being a living thing, there is a connection between us and a respect for that life.

There is something very special and comforting about sitting around a solid wood table. It is warm and tangible. We are drawn to touching the grain and observing its natural form. 

We don’t tend to look twice or take time to touch a cold, synthetic man made material. It doesn’t attract us like wood. 

The Oak tree has always been an enduring symbol of strength and survival. We need these characteristics ourselves, especially now.

Mark Williamson Furniture – made and finished by hand for you

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Bespoke furniture and kitchens beautifully hand made in Buckinghamshire.